SET007 TPMS Replacement Valve

SET007 TPMS Replacement Valve


Valve replacement for the original equipment fitted tire pressure sensors.

You can get detailed information from the Description tab,
From the Specifications tab, you can list the example of the compatible vehicles. (Best way to ask for the correct valve is to compare the picture of the oe sensor in the descriptions section)

OE sensor for SET007
Valves of tire pressure sensors corrode over time and need replacement.
In order to prevent problems that may occur during travel, it is recommended to check during tire change and replace if necessary.

The product with code SET007 is a replacement for the original equipment sensor in the images. It is produced in black, orange and gray colors for different brands.
OE sensor for SET007
Technical Information for SET007 TPMS Valve
Technical Information for SET007 TPMS Valve
Nut Torque: 4NM
Bolt Torque: 1.4NM

The bolt on the valve is removed with the help of a T10 torx screwdriver and the valve is removed.
When installing the new product, the valve is placed in the slot on the sensor and the bolt is tightened with the help of a T10 torx screwdriver in the same way.

Example of the vehicle make models which are using this kind of OE TPMS Sensor

Suzuki Swace(from 2020-10 to 2025-08)

Toyota Camry(from 2018-01 to 2022-12)

Toyota C-HR(from 2016-11 to 2022-11)

Toyota Corolla(from 2019-02 to 2023-12)

Toyota Mirai(from 2019-01 to 2020-02)

Toyota Mirai(from 2021-01 to 2029-03)

Toyota Yaris(from 2019-01 to 2020-07)

Toyota Yaris(from 2020-10 to 2028-08)

Toyota Yaris Cross(from 2021-08 to 2029-06)