SET019 TPMS Replacement Valve

SGL019 Lastik Basınç Sensörü Supap Yedeği


Valve replacement for the original equipment fitted tire pressure sensors.

You can get detailed information from the Description tab,
From the Specifications tab, you can list the example of the compatible vehicles. (Best way to ask for the correct valve is to compare the picture of the oe sensor in the descriptions section)

OE sensor for SET019
Valves of tire pressure sensors wear out over time due to external factors and need replacement.
In order to prevent problems that may occur during travel, it is recommended to check during tire change and replace if necessary.

The product with code SET019 is the valve replacement of the original equipment sensor in the image.
OE sensor for SET019
Technical Information for SET019 TPMS Valve
Technical Information for SET019 TPMS Valve
The metal part at the junction of the valve and the sensor is removed and the valve remains free.

When installing the new valve, the double holes are aligned and closed on the metal cover.

Example of the vehicle make models which are using this kind of OE TPMS Sensor

Mercedes X-Class: November 2017 - December 2026

Nissan Juke: October 2015 - August 2019

Nissan Leaf: January 2017 - September 2018

Nissan Navara NP300: November 2017 - December 2023

Renault Alaskan: June 2017 - December 2025